Keeping Connected

Viromo keeps you connected and gives you the tools to stand out.

Cloud Based Solutions

Viromo’s Builder Management Software is a Hybrid Cloud Based Platform

  • Everything is stored in the cloud.
  • Instantly connect to all of your customer contact points.
  • You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier!
  • All your data can still be accessed no matter what happens to a machine.
  • Software updates and renewals ensure that the user interface remains modern and exceeds business demands.

Connect To Existing Website

Viromo's intuitive software works with your team, web developers & IT to create seamless integration

  • All 3D Virtual Tours are easily incorporated into your existing websites and databases.
  • Branded user interface matches your website perfectly.
  • Virtual Models can be added to your webpage with two lines of code.
  • Simplicity of technology appeals to both sales people and customers.

Show Home Integration

We connect your show homes, sales center, design center, mobile devices and website

  • Tools for your sales force to more efficiently aid in the home buying experience.
  • Show potential home buyers, every make/model of homes you have available .
  • Tour show home with tablets highlighting details along the way.
  • Uniformed, branded experience pointing everyone to your sales center.

Smartphone & Tablet Apps

Viromo simultaneously builds Smart Phone and Tablet Apps in conjunction with the 3D model, website and virtual tour. They look, feel and operate identical to the websites virtual tour.

  • Apps designed for a generation of home buyers who embrace new mobile technologies.
  • Customers appreciate the ability to explore content at their leisure.
  • Viromo app's can be used before, during and after their visit to a show home.
  • Showcase the homes design and construction in exciting new ways.

Roaming Profiles

Viromo’s roaming profiles give your customers the ability to save their selections, choices and preferences in one easy step.

  • Customers walk into your sales center mention they have saved their dream home.
  • Within seconds your sales people are on the same page.
  • Roaming profiles stay with customers from their first point of contact through the entire sales process.
  • Many unique features that help your customer with their home long after the sale is completed.

Social Media

Viromo’s Builder Management Software is integrated with all your major Social Media outlets.

  • Built in campaigns tied to your 3D Virtual Tours help you get the word out.
  • Provide your customers with Branded Tools to share virtual home models with friends & family.
  • Instantly connect to your customers on sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest.
  • Unique sales and marketing tools designed specifically to enhance your online presence.

Digital Videos

Digital videos are so easy to share, that integrating them into your social media strategy is a must.

  • Embed video content without slowing down your customers' download speeds.
  • Create In depth videos about the homes you offer.
  • Videos can be placed and triggered at multiple points in your virtual home.
  • Instantly add Viromo videos to your favorite video streaming sites.
  • Add to your existing video channels or have Viromo manage it for you.