Your Customer Portal

An interactive tour for customers to use after purchasing a home.

  • Your Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Viromo's Customer Portal offers a rich, inspiring experience that enables you as a home builder to offer your customers a unique take home version of your interactive 3D Virtual Sales Model.

Every detail of your Customer Portal home is an exact replica of the home they purchased from you. We don't stop there. We add many valuable tools that extend your customer communication and sales of upgrades far into the future.

Construction Timeline

Building a home is an exciting process and your customers want to be involved.

  • Show a true representation of the work that has been completed.
  • Inform your customers about the different stages of construction.
  • Site managers upload real world pictures of progress.
  • Tied to your companies scheduled progress updates.
  • Embed digital videos describing what to expect at each stage.
  • Notify your customers when it is time for an on-site visit.
  • Give home buyers a better sense of being involved in the construction of their home.

Design Center

The same unique tool used for selecting their ideal home expands in the design center.

  • Show customers every upgrade you offer and how it looks in their new home.
  • Focus on styles that appeal to your customer’s unique tastes.
  • Interactive surveys narrow in on what upgrades your customers want to see.
  • Upgrade packages based on your customer’s preferences and price point.
  • Ability to incorporate the price of each upgrade.
  • Simple interactive ways to view and track the selected upgrades.
  • Visualization speeds up the process and Increases your sales.

Warranty Information

Show you care about the long term livability of the homes you build.

  • Enable customers to fully understand the scope of their warranties.
  • Incorporate all Structural, Décor & Major Appliance warranties.
  • Make sure they don’t miss scheduled or recommended services.
  • Notifications about the time remaining on the warranties.
  • Information required by local laws & Procedures for getting work done.
  • Supplier information, Contact person, company website.
  • Add long term value to your customer’s experience.

Behind the scenes look

Give your customers the ability to look behind the walls and under the floors of their home.

  • Keep all your trade diagrams and plans in one easy to use location.
  • Plumbing, Electrical wiring, Air ducts & Framing.
  • Easy for your customers to understand where everything is.
  • Property maps showing gas, phone & sewer lines.
  • Embed digital videos describing behind the scenes features.
  • Empower your customers to make changes in the future.

Upgrades in the future

Access customer portals via Smartphone, Online, on the cloud & at participating supplier stores.

  • Capitalise on customer upgrades made years in the future.
  • Send upgrade packages showing what their home can look like after your renovations.
  • Highlight upgrades your customers previously considered.
  • Stay involved with the growth of the home.
  • Shop from your own approved suppliers.
  • Purchase directly from your 3D Virtual Customer Portal.
  • Contact you for a recommended renovator & Instant quotes.