About Viromo

Viromo is a leader in the Virtual Show Home industry. Founded in 2011, Viromo uses our state-of-the-art, multi-platform tools and technologies to provide an immersive Home Buying experience for consumers. This is accomplished by combining online virtual technologies that seamlessly integrate with traditional home selling resources like show homes, design centers, websites and smartphones.

Chris Ritten

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Ritten is an academic, inventor & entrepreneur with 25 Years Programming & Technology Experience. He attended the University of Calgary where he took the Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science. Chris has programmed software for the US Military, and leading Game Developers. Chris is a pioneer of Virtual Real-Estate, online social networks and the core technology competencies on which Viromo is based.

Jeremy Mutton

Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Mutton is an imaginative, organized, enthusiastic & visionary individual with years of management experience in the financial services industry. During the early stages of the Company, Jeremy's main focus was on creating the initial business structure of Viromo.

Jason Ritten

Chief Information Officer

Jason Ritten is a dedicated, passionate entrepreneur. His years of experience working on the oil patch have brought a work hard attitude to the corporate culture at Viromo. His optimistic and visionary outlook pushes the team of Viromo to new heights. He is not only a leader, but an inspiration to the team.