3D Virtual Tours

Helping your clients visualise their new home is our #1 priority. After all, seeing is believing.

Architectural 3D Rendering Services

The team of Viromo works closely with your design and development teams to build complete interior and exterior 3D models built to your company's specification. Our 3D virtual tours look like a home your client is about to take position of. Every feature that's included in your home is included in our 3D virtual tours. All Viromo home replicas include kitchen and bathroom cabinets, railings, windows, doors, flooring, fireplaces, and lighting fixtures.

Each home is then staged to match the color and style guidelines provided by the home builder. This includes virtual couches, TVs, tables, beds, dressers, pictures etcetera. Our system enables your home to be staged with multiple themes that can be switched in depending on the style preferences of your client.

 Want to see a 3D Virtual Tour live in action? Click here for a demo!

Blueprint View

Viromo’s interactive Blueprint view shows both the dimensions and name of each room while viewing the overall layout in a 3D, colored view that looks like the upper floor has been removed.

  • Pick a room to zoom in on for a close-up interactive view.
  • Switch instantly between different floor plan options and designs.
  • Every floor is represented in the Blueprint View including the basement.
  • Incorporate property maps into Blueprint View.

View Room Feature

Give your Visitors an in-depth view of the interior that they can truly understand.
Together with Blueprint view this enables your clients to navigate around their new home using easy to use features that give them a true understanding of what sets you apart from your competition.

  • Zoom into a selected room for a close up view of the area.
  • Customise room specific features.
  • Change the style of fireplace & mantel in the great room.
  • In the kitchen change the appliances & cabinets.
  • Increase sales upgrades and customer involvement.


Viromo brings your 3D Landscaping to Life
Viromo offers a whole range of services that showcase the front and back yard and enables you to customize everything from:

  • The placement of Trees and Bushes.
  • Add Deck and Fencing options.
  • Retaining walls, Pools and Hot tubs.
  • Patio furniture, Barbeques, Parking Pads and Garages.

Lighting Options

Viromo put’s the spotlight on your company
Viromo has outstanding Interior lighting options to show what a home looks like in many different lighting conditions.

  • Control all aspects of the lighting.
  • See how all your built in lights operate.
  • Show how your different lighting options fill the room.
  • Turn Day into Night.
  • Incorporate Community Overviews to show the projected Sunlight Conditions of a property.

Builder / Supplier Profiles

Build Trust with your Customer by highlighting your Team of Professionals
Reputable builders are proud of the teams and suppliers that help them bring homes to life, this is why Viromo includes the option to showcase builders and suppliers.

  • Links to their webpage.
  • Information windows open in the home.
  • Highlight suppliers in your guided tours
  • Maximize your social media reach by including your suppliers

Demographic Selector

Make a powerful first impression
Tailored Visualization! We want your customers to picture their new home.

  • Interactive surveys narrow in on what your customers want to see.
  • Setup predetermined colors, decor and features specific to your clients.
  • When your sales force is talking to a family with two kids present the home in neutral colors with bedrooms staged in pink and blue with a play structure in the yard.
  • Bachelor pad? With the click of a button switch the entire home to darker colors. Kid’s rooms are now a games room and a man cave.

First Person Walkthrough

Take your clients on a 3D walkthrough of their new home.
After a home has been customized to your client’s desires the First Person View allows your sales force to take your clients show the details of a home before construction has begun.

  • Keep your Sales force on the same page as the client.
  • Minimizing last minute changes and surprises.
  • Create anticipation to see your homes.
  • Have fun exploring your home.

Guided 3D Virtual Tours

Walk into the future.
The guided tours take perspective clients on a walkthrough of the home showing key design elements upgrade features, supplier info and anything else the home builder would like their clients to learn.

  • Control the flow of information.
  • Give your customers an in depth experience.
  • Embed your existing company videos.
  • Get Viromo to create some new 3D videos for you.